Integrated Access Service

Integrated Access Service (IAS) was born of two challenges. First, consolidation in the internet service industry has reduced CIS options for many institutions. The resulting lack of competition leads to higher prices, but it also makes it difficult to procure reliable, redundant internet service — a necessity in our connected age. Second, while institutions with large research enterprises can justify the cost of connecting to our pure R&E network, smaller institutions typically cannot, despite the benefits to faculty and student research.

IAS addresses these challenges by bundling R&E network access, Content Peering Service and long-haul network transport into one affordable 10Gb service. Institutions participating in IAS can use the transport component (a VLAN) to connect to ISPs in larger cities, like New York City, where internet services are typically cheaper. When supplemented with Content Peering Service, the result is a decrease in the overall cost of CIS with the added benefit of a second connection. R&E network access is a bonus, enabling even the smallest of schools to satisfy researcher demand for high performance connectivity.

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