Zerto Virtual Replication Discount Program

There is nothing worse than losing data, ideas and intellectual property because of an unplanned server or site outage. Disaster recovery solutions help by reducing data loss and recovery times. The faster services can resume and data is available, the better for your organization. Zerto is new the standard for Disaster Recovery, Application Mobility and Cloud Flexibility due to its architecture and ease of use.

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) uses the asynchronous replication framework of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) at the hypervisor level, not the storage level, to capture data before it is written to the storage layer in order to be as close to zero RPO as possible. ZVR replicates data as it passes through the hypervisor nearly simultaneously as it is being written to the primary site’s storage, so it provides the most aggressive RPO in the market, today. Zerto also provides a “DVR like” functionality and can provide protection against Ransomware as well as provide significant Cloud agility between all manner of private and public clouds.

Through an agreement between NYSERNet, Zerto, and Mainline, qualifying NYSERNet members are now eligible for a 20 percent discount off list price on all Zerto Virtual Replication software products.

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