Board Members

Brice Bible
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
University at Buffalo

Jeanne Casares
Chief Information Officer
Rochester Institute of Technology

Brian T. Cohen
Vice Chancellor & University Chief Information Officer
City University of New York

Thomas Furlani
Director, Center for Computational Research
University at Buffalo

Armand Gazes
Director of Operations and Networking
Rockefeller University

Christine Haile
Retired from University at Albany

Robert Juckiewicz
Vice President for Information Technology
Hofstra University

John E. Kolb, P.E.
Vice President for Information Services and Technology & Chief Information Officer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Patricia Kovatch
Associate Dean for Scientific Computing
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Timothy L. Lance
Chief Research Officer

Francis C. Lees
Emeritus Chair

David Lewis
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
University of Rochester

Gaspare LoDuca
Chief Information Officer
Columbia University

Marilyn McMillan
VP, Information Technology and Chief Information Technology Officer
New York University

Juan Montes
Chief Information Officer
American Museum of Natural History

Sharon Pitt
Chief Information Officer
Binghamton University

Gary O. Roberts
Director, Information Technology Services
Alfred University

Thomas Schlagel
Chief Information Officer
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Christopher M. Sedore
President and CEO

Justin Sipher
Vice President of Libraries & Information Technology
St. Lawrence University

William Thirsk
Vice President of Information Technology/Chief Information Officer
Marist College

R. David Vernon
Associate Chief Information Officer
Cornell University