About Us

What do the very first ISPs, genomic datasets, high-tech laser beams, particle colliders, and trombone solos have in common? Us.

NYSERNet is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to advance the research and educational missions of our members by delivering a full range of customized, progressive, and affordable end-to-end data and networking technology solutions.

Our contribution doesn’t end there.

The networks we build with technology are only as effective as our community network. This is why we consistently cultivate opportunities to collaborate through our widely accessible professional development conferences and events.

NYSERNet began delivering network services long before most people heard of the Internet. In 1985, a group of visionary men and women from the state’s leading research universities and institutions came together with the idea of creating a high-speed research network. Two years later, we deployed the nation’s first statewide regional IP network.

In the 30 years since, NYSERNet has gone on to build a faster and more robust fiber optic network that offers colleges, museums, healthcare facilities, primary and secondary schools and research institutions from Buffalo to New York City access to 100-gigabit speeds.

Today, we offer our members a fast network and data centers that help them take advantage of it. At our main offices in Syracuse, we’ve built a 4,000-square-foot facility that’s key to our members’ disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. In New York City, our Colo@32 is a place where national and international networks converge, providing unparalleled opportunities for connections.

At NYSERNet, education is a key part of our mission. Over the past 10 years, we’ve expanded our education program to offer our members hands-on technical training courses and an annual network technology conference called The NYSERNet Conference. Each year, we also bring together the state’s most influential campus IT leaders for NYSCIO, the New York State Conference of Higher Education CIOs.

NYSERNet timeline:

  • 1985 – Founded
  • 1987 – Deploys the nation’s first statewide regional IP network
  • 1996 – Creates and spins off Internet service provider Applied Theory
  • 1998 – Deploys NYSERNet 2000, a next-generation R&E network
  • 2003 – Launches its New York City Metropolitan Fiber Project
  • 2004 – Deploys its first fiber optic network
  • 2007 – First data center opens in Syracuse
  • 2009 – Education program expands
  • 2015 – Second data center opens in Syracuse
  • 2016 – Network upgraded to 100Gb

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