A robust network for all your high-bandwidth research needs

Today’s researchers use technology like never before and rely on high-speed networks to share data, establish remote virtual laboratories, connect to distant equipment and servers, and even meet and collaborate using HD videoconferencing. NYSERNet’s Research & Education network (R&E) makes it happen.

Our 100-gigabit Ethernet network was built with research in mind, providing low-cost connections across New York that provide speed, redundancy and reliability to 50 universities, hospitals, museums, libraries, and elementary and secondary schools.

At the core is NYSERNet’s IP-based fiber optic network, which offers redundant connections to Internet2 and peering with national and international R&E networks, including Canada’s national research and education network, CA*net 4, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s ESnet. Through our hub in New York City, we’re able to carry your network needs around the world.

In addition to New York City, NYSERNet has connection points in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany, a distributed architecture that lowers the connection costs for our member institutions by decreasing the distance from their campuses to the network. At the same time, NYSERNet offers a range of network speeds for institutions large and small. Most connect at speeds of 1,000 megabits per second or faster, but we offer as little as 50 Mbs.

All not-for-profit and government entities, and for-profit research laboratories that have a research relationship with existing participants, are eligible to use our R&E network. Become a NYSERNet member today and take your researchers to the next level.

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