Integrated Access Service Testimonials

“The migration to the NYSERNET IAS Service along with their assistance in migrating to a new Internet Service Provider (Cogent) was easy and without any downtime.  We worked with their Project Management and Engineering staff to facilitate a plan.  This was truly the easiest IT project I’ve been involved with. We have seen 60-70% of our Internet traffic offloaded to the CDN’s that NYSERNET has Peering agreements with. NYSERNET’s Engineers were involved through the entire process and assisted us in designing a service that provided our campus users with more redundancy, resilience and faster services.” – Dan Kinsman, St. John Fisher College

“It’s like magic: it just works!”  –Dan Simmons, SUNY Potsdam

“The NYSERNet Integrated Access Service was a perfect solution for our campus. We were able to add Internet2 access for our growing research endeavors while the peering services also alleviated congestion on our commodity internet connections. The peering services provide the campus with ample low latency connections to the most popular academic, gaming, social and streaming internet services.”  –Angelo Santabarbara, Siena College

“Our Internet 2 pipe has relieved bandwidth constraints on our regular ISP connection allowing us to provide better and higher quality service to our campus community.  NYSERNET’s service and management of our connection are top-notch.  We receive very timely notification of any planned maintenance, and regular reports of the status of any unplanned interruption of service (which rarely happens).” –Romeyn Prescott, SUNY Potsdam

“We transfer data on a regular basis from on-premises to AWS S3 buckets via Globus. I did some benchmarking before and after switching to NYSERNet. After the switch, our average data transfer speeds increased by 15-20 percent from on-premises NFS server to AWS cloud us-east-1 region.” –Swapnil Bhatkar, New York Structural Biology Center

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