Weill Center study addresses women in health leadership roles

A new research report from the Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Global Health sheds light on the disparities that exist in global health leadership. Although they comprise about 80 percent of global health workers, women only hold a small fraction of leadership positions. The research surveyed nearly 350 women from Weill Cornell Medicine and three affiliated international centers, focusing on gender-based challenges: work-life balance, discrimination, and sexual harassment. They also asked study participants to identify potential solutions to these challenges, because the research aims to build on efforts by Weill Cornell Medicine to advance gender leadership in global health.

The Weill Cornell Medicine Center is a member of NYSERNet’s R&E network. Read more about the study here: https://news.weill.cornell.edu/news/2019/03/coordinated-action-needed-to-fix-the-gender-gap-in-global-health-leadership-study-says