100 Gbps speeds that are secure and reliable

With the rapid growth in demand for cloud-based and off-campus services, the need for high-speed networking has never been greater. Fortunately, NYSERNet offers its members fast, secure and private connections with speeds up to 100 gigabits per second.

Speeds like that make a lot possible. You can use NYSERNet transport to extend your campus LAN, connect to remote storage area network devices, carry commercial Internet traffic, or provide redundant connectivity. You also can use it to access NYSERNet’s Syracuse data center and New York City Colo@32.

Whether your needs are small or large, you can rely on NYSERNet’s statewide network, an optical backbone that provides multiple network paths over a single pair of fibers by using advanced Dense-Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) equipment.

As a NYSERNet member, you can access dedicated and private individual optical waves that keep your connection secure and reliable. If you have more modest needs, you can subscribe to an individual gigabit Ethernet circuit that’s part of a single, divided lambda that can carry traffic for multiple members.

You can connect to the NYSERNet network from any one of the five PoPs we maintain across the state, making it possible to build a dedicated high-speed network anywhere in the state.

Learn more about NYSERNet transport and how you can take advantage of this remarkable network. Contact us today!