SANS/REN-ISAC Aggregate Buy Program January 2024

NYSERNet, through a partnership between REN-ISAC and SANS, has opened a special window to purchase SANS online training and security awareness programs at a discounted rate for our community.

During this special window: Dec. 1 – January 24, 2024, on behalf of the NYSERNet community we will purchase vouchers SANS training that can be redeemed up to one year after purchase.

NYSERNet will purchase the vouchers on members’ behalf to ensure the program minimum is met, and we will administer the vouchers for your institution.

The discount price is $4,100 for each course voucher. For those who want to pursue certification, the price of the GIAC exam voucher is $819 and must be purchased at the same time as the course voucher.

NetWars Continuous discount price is $2,535 per user for a four-month period.  SANS Security Training (Secure the human) is also available. There are multiple pricing discounts, see pricing chart below.


Benefits of NYSERNet administering this program:

– You can order less than 3 vouchers (minimum we have to purchase)
– Technically the vouchers will never expire.  Each buy period we purchase, extends the expiration of all vouchers in our account.