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A group representing New York's most prestigious higher education institutions created NYSERNet in 1985. The organization's first test was to construct a network connecting New York's research universities to each other, to the supercomputers at Cornell and Princeton, and to the embryonic NSFnet. Yet, the founders' vision extended beyond the network. They imagined an organization dedicated to advancing their institutional missions through the ongoing discovery, application and transfer of new network technologies.

More than two decades hence, NYSERNet continues to realize this vision through a collaborative approach to service development engaging member institutions and industry-leading technology firms to tackle problems of common interest. The suite of services resulting is unique in its emphasis on addressing the needs of New York's higher education community, but also by the degree to which each new service knits the functionality of those preceding into a new whole greater in effect and more valuable than its parts.

NYSERNet's New York City Metro Dark Fiber Network offers higher education institutions in the NYC-area a unique opportunity to deploy affordable, scalable, highly available networks connecting geographically disparate locations. Engineered to reduce the cost of construction required to bring fiber to member campuses, the network reaches areas not previously served by dark fiber providers, a design consideration attributable to member contributions to the network's conceptualization.

Central to the dark fiber network is NYSERNet's Colo@32, a carrier-neutral colocation facility where member networks constructed on the dark fiber meet and connect to ISPs and other network service providers. The availability of an array of interconnection choices at the Colo@32 means members are free to combine and recombine service providers' solutions to optimize cost, performance and availability.

The Colo@32 is home to the NYC POPs for NYSERNet's Research & Education and optical networks. Members connect to the R&E Network at the Colo@32 (or at any of NYSERNet's four upstate POPs) for access to the global research and education community via Internet2, National LambdaRail, and NYSERNet's private peering connections. Members employ lambdas and GigE circuits provisioned on the optical network to reach ISPs in other cities, as well as to connect to NYSERNet's Syracuse data center.

Integrating the data center with NYSERNet's R&E and optical networks provides members an affordable means of extending campus networks there. Members designed the data center as a component of a complete disaster recovery/business continuity solution that includes NYSERNet's NMCS − a service offering members continuity of the human dimension of the network management function. The center offers commercial grade capabilities, enabling implementation of a wide range of DR/BC solutions, from systems that enable critical communications in the event of emergency to mirroring of key administrative information systems.

To round out this suite of services, NYSERNet offers members many unique educational opportunities. A benefit of membership since inception, NYSERNet education services − from hands-on, skills-based workshops on BGP and IPv6 to annual conferences like NYSCIO and the Tech Summit − are tailored to satisfy member needs for technical knowledge, professional development, and professional networking, enabling member institutions to secure optimal return on their technology and human resource investments.

To learn more about how your institution can benefit from NYSERNet membership, please contact NYSERNet membership staff.

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